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How the old website looks on a phone How the new website looks on a phone

We have redesigned Brainstorm ID

The new store comes packed with exciting new updates and it follows responsive design principles. You can browse it with ease on laptop, tablet and phone. While we have changed a lot around here, those things that matter remain the same.

What's the same:

Your information

  • Your order history and saved addresses are still in your account.
  • You should continue to login with your previous credentials.


Learning Center

What's changed:

Good on any device

  • Our new store will adapt to your device: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.
  • Tested on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

Improved readability

  • New design, cleaner look, better organized layouts.
  • We have removed content that was not useful, and reorganized some of the rest.

Faster response

  • Several features, like adding to cart, updating cart, and estimating shipping work faster.
  • Smarter "add to cart" widgets help you add multiple items to cart faster.

Find products easier

  • A simpler 5-item menu better reflects the end goal of making ID cards.
  • The new search suggests products as you type.
  • Filter relevant categories to find something specific.

Better DYI resources

Categories & Products

  • Categories have been designed to help you find what you need faster.
  • Product pages have been reorganized into: description, specifications, videos, compatibility, etc.


  • We've removed menus and pages that were not helping.
  • We've added a new dashboard to help you keep track of your orders and account settings.

Cart & Checkout

  • Update cart and estimate shipping are more intuitive and require fewer clicks.
  • Checkout is now a linear process to help you focus and finish faster.


Help us do more

As we continue to update the website, your feedback is precious and will help us add the right improvements.

Was there anything in the previous version of the store that was working great for you, and now you've lost it? What would you change or add to make your experience better in the new store?