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Artisan 50 PVC Card Printing Setup - Mac OS X 10.9 & 10.10 (Mavericks & Yosemite)

WARNING! This tutorial is ONLY for the Artisan 50. You should not change drivers for any other printers!

Confirm Your Artisan 50 is Working Properly

The first step here is to confirm you can print using the origianal Artisan 50 driver. If that does not work, then something is wrong with your installation (printer is not on, not connected, or something else altogether), contact Epson Support for more help with this.

Download the Required Drivers

As of Mac OS 10.9 you need to download drivers to set up your Artisan 50 for PVC card printing.

These drivers are no longer pre-installed, so unfortunately you have to download a rather large file to get them.

Download here:

Install the drivers, and restart your computer.

Open System Preferences

Go to the Apple menu and select "System Preferences…".

Print screen showcases step instructions

Click on "Print & Scan"

Open the "Print & Scan" preferences.

Print screen showcases step instructions

Add a New Printer

This is the most important part. Even if you already see your Artisan 50 printer (as shown in the image), you must do this to ensure you can print on the entire surface of the Inkjet PVC Card. Select "Add Printer or Scanner…"

Print screen showcases step instructions

Select Printer Software Step 1

Select "EPSON Artisan 50" at the top of the window, then at the bottom where it says "Use:" select "Select Printer Software…".

Print screen showcases step instructions

Select Printer Software Step 2

In the search field at the top type "r280". In the search results select "EPSON SP R280 Series". Do NOT select anything that says "Gutenprint", they will not work properly for Inkjet PVC card printing.

If you don't have the option for "EPSON SP R280 Series" you need to install the Epson R280 printer software. Please see Epson Support for that.

Print screen showcases step instructions

Rename your printer

Rename the printer so you don't confuse it with your normal Artisan 50 printer. We named ours "Artisan 50 - PVC Card Printing" to make it very clear. After you enter a new name confirm that the "Use" says "EPSON SP R280 Series", leave "Location" alone, then click on "Add".

Print screen showcases step instructions

Confirm Creation

After you click "Add" it will confirm that you want to create "another" Artisan 50 printer, click on Continue. You can now select this printer in any application in the Print dialog box.

Print screen showcases step instructions

Print Settings

When printing be sure to set the print settings correctly and to set your printer up properly:

  1. Select Paper Size "A4".
  2. Select Print Media: CD/DVD.
  3. Always place 2 cards in the PVC card tray.
  4. Move the paper tray up to the slots for CD printing.