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TLC 5500T 4" Laminator




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The Thermal Laminating Company 5500T is made to last! It includes separate heat/run switches, adjustable temperature control, a heavy-duty motor and all steel gears.
Works with laminates from 3-10 mil and handles laminating 10 mil Teslin + 10 mil laminate perfectly.
Made in the USA, 5 Year Factory Warranty. After the 5 Year Warranty expires, repairs are no more than $15 plus shipping.


  • Throat Width 4.4" (11 cm)
  • 4 RollersEnsures proper pressure and heat applied evenly. Lower-end laminators only have 2 rollers.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Allows temperature settings for perfect lamination
  • All Metal GearsDesigned to be long-lasting and durable
  • Separate Heat and Run SwitchesAllows you to run the heat without running the roller motors to reduce wear
  • Silicon Rollers Allows you to laminate with or without using a carrier
  • Carrier Required Carriers help protect both the laminator, and your ID card from damage during lamination
  • Cooled Outlet Area Outlet area is fan cooled and includes a finned heat sink to help cool the laminated items quickly, which helps them to stay flat.
  • 33" per minuteRuns at a fast set speed of 33" per minute
  • FIVE Year Warranty Warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. After 5 years, repairs are $15 max + shipping
  • Manufacturer Brainstorm ID
  • Power 120V (North American Standard)
  • # Rollers 4
  • Temperature Adjustment Yes
  • Best Rating 5

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