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Print PVC ID Cards Using an Inkjet Printer Tutorial and FAQ

In this tutorial you'll learn how you can print on PVC cards using an Inkjet Printer. Be sure to read though for full details on compatible printers, and inkjet printable PVC cards.

What is a PVC card?

A PVC (polyvinyl chloride) card is a typical ID card. These cards are used for identification, credit/debit cards, membership cards, access cards, and more. There are many ways to make an ID card, but in this tutorial we're only going to talk about how to make a PVC ID card using an Inkjet Printer.

But, How Can You Print On A Card?

Example of an Inkjet PVC Card Tray

We're glad you asked. Of course you can't just put a PVC card in to your inkjet printer. In fact printing on a PVC card will require a special tray which works in certain printers. You can check compatibility with your printer to see if your printer supports using an inkjet PVC card tray.

Watch the video below to see how an inkjet printer prints on an Inkjet PVC Card.

Inkjet PVC Cards

Once you have an Inkjet PVC Card Tray you can print on Inkjet PVC Cards. Inkjet PVC cards have a special coating applied to them that allow them to absorb the ink from your inkjet printer. If you were to try printing on a normal PVC card that does not have this coating applied you'd see that the ink would pool up and not be absorbed in to the card.

Are Inkjet PVC Cards Waterproof?

Yes they are! They dry immediately after printing and are waterproof.

Can I Use Any Software To Print on Inkjet PVC Cards?

You can use any application you'd like to print, but you must set it up to print in the correct location. For this reason we have created templates for Adobe Photoshop, GNU GIMP, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. You can find the templates in our ID Learning Center on our Inkjet PVC Card Help page.

Is there a tray available for my printer?

You can check compatibility with your printer to see if your printer supports using an inkjet PVC card tray.


After you've printed your Inkjet ID Card you can add a slot hole to it using an ID Card Slot Punch. You can protect your card using ID Holograms or a Clear Overlay. You may also want to put your ID card in to a badge holder, or use a badge clip or lanyard, all of which are available in our ID Accessories category.