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Inkjet PVC Cards Help

Inkjet PVC Tutorials

Generate A Custom Printing Template

If you already have your ID card as a JPG or PNG image you can use our ID Card Printing Tool to generate a PDF with your ID cards placed in the correct spots for printing. It's easy to use, includes printing instructions, and runs entirely on your computer in your web browser for maximum security.

Printer Settings

Always put two/four cards in the tray, even if you are only printing on one card.

For Epson Printers: Set Paper Size to "A4" (not borderless) and Set Print Media to "CD/DVD"

For Canon G Tray Printers: Set Paper Size to "Disc Tray G" and Set Print Media to "Other Papers/Printable Disc"

For Canon J/K/M Tray Printers: Set Paper Size to "Disc Tray J/K/M" and Set Print Media to "Other Papers/Printable Disc". When using most Canon J/K/M printers, you should not have the tray in the printer when you press print for the first time. Instead, keep the door for the tray closed and print from your computer (selecting the correct print settings), the printer will then make noise for a few moments, eventually it will stop and it will tell you on the screen to open the tray slot door and insert the tray, then press a button on the printer to continue printing.

Canon Note: If you do not have the Paper Size/Print Media settings mentioned you are probably connected to your printer via WiFi. You must instead connect directly to the printer via USB for the necessary options to be available. If on a Mac go to System Preferences to confirm the printer is not set up using AirPrint.

Canon Note 2 (Error Support Code 1001): Confirm that there are 2 metal squares at the top of the tray. If one/both are missing, please contact us.

Epson R200/R280 (2 Card) Tray Templates

Epson 1430 (4 Card) Tray Templates

Canon G Tray Templates

Canon J Tray Templates

Canon J Tray Templates (MX920 Series Printers)

Canon K Tray Templates

Canon M Tray Templates

Artisan 50 Tutorials

Inkjet PVC Card Tray Measurements